Rani railway station

Rani railway station

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Cleanliness: /5.0
Food: /5.0
Safety: /5.0
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train no. train name from to
19105 Running Status Yoga Express Ahmedabad Jn Haridwar Jn
19106 Running Status Yoga Express Haridwar Jn Ahmedabad Jn
82957 Running Status Gaya Suvidha Spl Ahmedabad Jn Gaya Jn
09450 Running Status Gaya - Ahmedabad Special Gaya Jn Ahmedabad Jn
54804 Running Status Adi Ju Passenger Ahmedabad Jn Jodhpur Jn
54803 Running Status Ju Adi Passenger Jodhpur Jn Ahmedabad Jn
19416 Running Status Svdk Adi Exp Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra Ahmedabad Jn
18422 Running Status Aii Puri Exp Ajmer Jn Puri
22916 Running Status Hsr Bdts S F Exp Hisar Bandra Terminus
19411 Running Status Ajmer Intercity Sabarmati Bg Ajmer Jn
19415 Running Status Adi Svdk Express Ahmedabad Jn Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra
22915 Running Status Bdts Hsr Sf Exp Bandra Terminus Hisar
22949 Running Status Bdts Dee Express Bandra Terminus Delhi S Rohilla
18421 Running Status Puri Ajmer Exp Puri Ajmer Jn
19032 Running Status Yoga Express Haridwar Jn Ahmedabad Jn
16588 Running Status Bkn Ypr Express Bikaner Jn Yesvantpur Jn
12479 Running Status Surya Nagri Exp Jodhpur Jn Bandra Terminus
22950 Running Status Dee Bdts Sf Exp Delhi S Rohilla Bandra Terminus
14707 Running Status Ranakpur Expres Bikaner Jn Bandra Terminus
12480 Running Status Suryanagari Exp Bandra Terminus Jodhpur Jn
12989 Running Status Ajmer Express Dadar Ajmer Jn
16587 Running Status Ypr Bkn Exp Yesvantpur Jn Bikaner Jn
09216 Running Status Hsr Bdts S F Spl Hisar Bandra Terminus
19401 Running Status Adi Lucknow Exp Ahmedabad Jn Lucknow Nr
02950 Running Status Dee Bdts Sf Exp Delhi S Rohilla Bandra Terminus
02930 Running Status Bdts Festval Spl Jaisalmer Bandra Terminus
12990 Running Status Aii Ddr Sf Exp Ajmer Jn Dadar
19708 Running Status Aravali Express Shri Ganganagar Bandra Terminus
09215 Running Status Bdts Hsr Sf Spl Bandra Terminus Hisar
02929 Running Status Festival Sf Spl Bandra Terminus Jaisalmer
02038 Running Status Aii Puri Sf Spl Ajmer Jn Puri
09412 Running Status Lko Adi Spl Lucknow Nr Ahmedabad Jn
09411 Running Status Adi Lko Exp Spl Ahmedabad Jn Lucknow Nr
14708 Running Status Ranakpur Expres Bandra Terminus Bikaner Jn
09415 Running Status Adi Svdk Special Ahmedabad Jn Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra
02949 Running Status Bdts Dee Sf Spl Bandra Terminus Delhi S Rohilla
02990 Running Status Ddr Festival Spl Ajmer Jn Dadar
09416 Running Status Svdk Adi Spl Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra Ahmedabad Jn
22931 Running Status Bdts Jsm Exp Bandra Terminus Jaisalmer
19031 Running Status Haridwar Mail Ahmedabad Jn Haridwar Jn
09031 Running Status Adi Ynrk Special Ahmedabad Jn Yog N Rishikesh
09032 Running Status Yoga Exp Spl Yog N Rishikesh Ahmedabad Jn
09707 Running Status Festival Spl Bandra Terminus Shri Ganganagar
22932 Running Status Jsm Bdts Sf Jaisalmer Bandra Terminus
19412 Running Status Intercity Exp Ajmer Jn Sabarmati Bg
19402 Running Status Lko Adi Exp Lucknow Nr Ahmedabad Jn
19707 Running Status Amrapur Aravali Bandra Terminus Shri Ganganagar
06588 Running Status Bkn Ypr Exp Spl Bikaner Jn Yesvantpur Jn
54806 Running Status Jp Adi Passnger Jaipur Ahmedabad Jn
54805 Running Status Jaipur Passenger Ahmedabad Jn Jaipur
04708 Running Status Ddr Bkn Special Dadar Bikaner Jn
02037 Running Status Puri Ajmer Spl Puri Ajmer Jn
04821 Running Status Jodhpur - Sabarmati Express Special Jodhpur Jn Sabarmati Bg
04822 Running Status Sabarmati - Jodhpur Express Special Sabarmati Bg Jodhpur Jn
02480 Running Status Bdts Ju Spl Bandra Terminus Jodhpur Jn
02479 Running Status Surya Nagri Spl Jodhpur Jn Bandra Terminus
14822 Running Status Ahmedabad - Jodhpur Express (unreserved) Ahmedabad Jn Jodhpur Jn
14821 Running Status Jodhpur - Ahmedabad Express (unreserved) Jodhpur Jn Ahmedabad Jn
02989 Running Status Aii Festival Spl Dadar Ajmer Jn
04707 Running Status Bkn Ddr Spl Bikaner Jn Dadar
09708 Running Status Aravali Fest Spl Shri Ganganagar Bandra Terminus
06587 Running Status Ypr Bkn Exp Yesvantpur Jn Bikaner Jn

Rating and reviews of Rani

reviewed on Jun 25 2022
Very nice but toilet not clean and darty smel
reviewed on Jun 24 2022
no clenace no security plese clenace and provide security
reviewed on Jun 24 2022
not cien the tren coch and was room whater problem
reviewed on Jun 20 2022
kuch khas nhi bas gadi achi h time pae cjalti h
reviewed on Jun 10 2022
aryfjkdu uxij549246945djjjsndjjsndhhsmdjjdnndjcjd
reviewed on Jun 01 2022
प्लेटफार्म आधे से ज्यादा कच्चा हैं। जगह जगह पर नुकीले पत्थर निकले हुए हैं,
reviewed on May 31 2022
belive me your safe123456789
reviewed on May 31 2022
train is not clean &dust in the train
reviewed on May 30 2022
platform not constructed, no Subway for east to west, no shades on platform bridge not constructed well no cleanliness is a Graffiti and curse words used in the under bridge railway does not take any actions after complaining also.....
reviewed on May 26 2022
अरे भैया बहुत अच्छा है और क्या कीजिएगा।
Find out the list of trains that arrive at Rani railway station. Get information for all trains passing through Rani - Arrival, Departure, Train Number, Stops, Stoppage time, Platform Number, and Timings. Some of the trains that arrive at Rani railway station are 19105 YOGA EXPRESS, 19106 YOGA EXPRESS, 82957 GAYA SUVIDHA SPL and 09450 GAYA - AHMEDABAD SPECIAL. When you click on a train name or number, you get the complete schedule of that train. you can also check the live train running status of all the trains arriving or departing from Rani railway station. Search for trains to other train stations Use the complete train list for Rani to find seat availability on different trains. Use our cutting-edge PNR Status Prediction feature to know about your chances of confirmation of a waitlisted train ticket.