Sompeta railway station

Sompeta railway station

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Cleanliness: /5.0
Food: /5.0
Safety: /5.0
list of trains
train no. train name from to
78422 Running Status Psa Balu Passenger Palasa Balugaon
18411 Running Status Bhubaneswar - Visakhapatnam SF InterCity Express Bhubaneswar Visakhapatnam
18412 Running Status Visakhapatnam - Bhubaneswar Intercity Express Visakhapatnam Bhubaneswar
78501 Running Status Ctc Balu Demu Cuttack Balugaon
58419 Running Status Psa Gnpr Passenger Bhubaneswar Palasa
58420 Running Status Gnpr Psa Passenger Palasa Bhubaneswar
08952 Running Status Puri Vskp Spl Puri Visakhapatnam
08953 Running Status Vskp Puri Spl Visakhapatnam Puri
08954 Running Status Puri - Visakhapatnam Rath Yatra Special Fare Special Puri Visakhapatnam
82843 Running Status Sbc Suvidha Exp Bhubaneswar Ksr Bengaluru
82844 Running Status Sbc Bbs Suvidha Ksr Bengaluru Bhubaneswar
82841 Running Status Suvidha Special Santragachi Jn Mgr Chennai Ctl
82842 Running Status Mas Src Suvidha Mgr Chennai Ctl Santragachi Jn
80824 Running Status Cbe Src Suvidha Coimbatore Jn Santragachi Jn
80823 Running Status Src Cbe Suvidha Santragachi Jn Coimbatore Jn
06832 Running Status Visakhapatnam - Ichchapuram Exam Memu Special Visakhapatnam Ichchpuram
07449 Running Status Bam Festvl Spl Secunderabad Jn Brahmapur
22879 Running Status Bbs Tpty Sup Exp Bhubaneswar Tirupati
18448 Running Status Hirakhand Exp Jagdalpur Bhubaneswar
18118 Running Status Rajya Rani Exp Gunupur Rourkela
22860 Running Status Mas Puri Express Mgr Chennai Ctl Puri
22872 Running Status Tpty Bbs Exp Tirupati Bhubaneswar
22852 Running Status Src Vivek Exp Mangaluru Cntl Santragachi Jn
20815 Running Status Tata Vskp Sf Exp Tatanagar Jn Visakhapatnam
20816 Running Status Vskp Tata Exp Visakhapatnam Tatanagar Jn
22853 Running Status Shm Vskp Sf Exp Shalimar Visakhapatnam
22880 Running Status Tpty Bbs Sf Exp Tirupati Bhubaneswar
18447 Running Status Hirakhand Exp Bhubaneswar Jagdalpur
22854 Running Status Vskp Shm Sf Exp Visakhapatnam Shalimar
22849 Running Status Shm Sc Wkly Exp Shalimar Secunderabad Jn
22871 Running Status Bbs Tpty Express Bhubaneswar Tirupati
18117 Running Status Rajya Rani Exp Rourkela Gunupur
22859 Running Status Puri Chennai Exp Puri Mgr Chennai Ctl
22810 Running Status Prdp Sf Exp Visakhapatnam Paradip
22820 Running Status Inter City Exp Visakhapatnam Bhubaneswar
22884 Running Status Puri Garib Rath Yesvantpur Jn Puri
22883 Running Status Puri Ypr G Rath Puri Yesvantpur Jn
17480 Running Status Tpty Puri Exp Tirupati Puri
17015 Running Status Visakha Express Bhubaneswar Secunderabad Jn
18463 Running Status Prasanthi Exp Bhubaneswar Ksr Bengaluru
18645 Running Status East Coast Exp Howrah Jn Hyderabad Decan
08480 Running Status Tpty Bbs Spl Tirupati Bhubaneswar
08417 Running Status Puri Gnpr Spl Puri Gunupur
22809 Running Status Vskp Sf Exp Paradip Visakhapatnam
22819 Running Status Inter City Exp Bhubaneswar Visakhapatnam
12839 Running Status Hwh Mas Mail Howrah Jn Mgr Chennai Ctl
02821 Running Status Hwh Mas Spl Howrah Jn Mgr Chennai Ctl
02064 Running Status Puri Garib Rath Yesvantpur Jn Puri
17016 Running Status Visakha Exp Secunderabad Jn Bhubaneswar
12840 Running Status Howrah Mail Mgr Chennai Ctl Howrah Jn
18464 Running Status Prasanthi Exp Ksr Bengaluru Bhubaneswar
18646 Running Status East Coast Exp Hyderabad Decan Howrah Jn
07480 Running Status Tpty Festvl Spl Puri Tirupati
17479 Running Status Puri Tpty Exp Puri Tirupati
02973 Running Status Gimb Puri Spl Gandhidham Bg Puri
02974 Running Status Puri Gimb Spl Puri Gandhidham Bg
02491 Running Status Shm Vskp Sf Spl Shalimar Visakhapatnam
08418 Running Status Gnpr Puri Spl Gunupur Puri
02450 Running Status Sc Shm Sf Spl Secunderabad Jn Shalimar
02859 Running Status Puri Mas Spl Puri Mgr Chennai Ctl
11020 Running Status Konark Express Bhubaneswar C Shivaji Mah T
11019 Running Status Konark Express C Shivaji Mah T Bhubaneswar
58417 Running Status Puri Gnpr Passenger Puri Gunupur
58418 Running Status Gnpr Puri Passenger Gunupur Puri
08128 Running Status Gnpr Rou Spl Gunupur Rourkela
58525 Running Status Psa Vskp Passenger Brahmapur Visakhapatnam
58526 Running Status Vskp Psa Passenger Visakhapatnam Brahmapur
58533 Running Status Cuttack - Palasa Passenger (UnReserved) Cuttack Palasa
58534 Running Status Palasa - Cuttack Passenger (UnReserved) Palasa Cuttack
07015 Running Status Bbs Sc Spl Bhubaneswar Secunderabad Jn
07016 Running Status Sc Bbs Spl Secunderabad Jn Bhubaneswar
08445 Running Status Bbs Jdb Spl Bhubaneswar Jagdalpur
08464 Running Status Sbc Bbs Exp Ksr Bengaluru Bhubaneswar
08463 Running Status Bbs Sbc Spl Bhubaneswar Ksr Bengaluru
22841 Running Status Santragachi - Chennai Central Antyodaya Express Santragachi Jn Mgr Chennai Ctl
22842 Running Status Chennai Central - Santragachi Antyodaya Express Mgr Chennai Ctl Santragachi Jn
22974 Running Status Puri Gimb Exp Puri Gandhidham Bg
08646 Running Status Hyb Hwh Spl Hyderabad Decan Howrah Jn
08645 Running Status Hwh Hyb Spl Howrah Jn Hyderabad Decan
68419 Running Status Bhubaneswar - Palasa Memu Bhubaneswar Palasa
68420 Running Status Palasa - Bhubaneswar Memu Palasa Bhubaneswar
01019 Running Status Csmt Bbs Spl C Shivaji Mah T Bhubaneswar
01020 Running Status Bbs Csmt Spl Bhubaneswar C Shivaji Mah T
02492 Running Status Vskp Shm Spl Visakhapatnam Shalimar
02822 Running Status Mas Hwh Spl Mgr Chennai Ctl Howrah Jn
08569 Running Status Bbs Vskp Spl Bhubaneswar Visakhapatnam
08570 Running Status Vskp Bbs Spl Visakhapatnam Bhubaneswar
22850 Running Status Sc Shm Wkly Exp Secunderabad Jn Shalimar
07479 Running Status Tpty Puri Spl Tirupati Puri
02860 Running Status Mas Puri Festspl Mgr Chennai Ctl Puri
22851 Running Status Maq Vivek Exp Santragachi Jn Mangaluru Cntl
08127 Running Status Rou Gnpr Spl Rourkela Gunupur
02063 Running Status Puri Ypr Spl Puri Yesvantpur Jn
08479 Running Status Bbs Tpty Spl Bhubaneswar Tirupati
02449 Running Status Shm Sc Spl Shalimar Secunderabad Jn
02072 Running Status Tpty Bbs Spl Tirupati Bhubaneswar
02071 Running Status Bbs Tpty Spl Bhubaneswar Tirupati
08433 Running Status Bbs Psa Spl Bhubaneswar Palasa
08434 Running Status Psa Bbs Spl Palasa Bhubaneswar
08446 Running Status Jdb Bbs Spl Jagdalpur Bhubaneswar

Rating and reviews of Sompeta

reviewed on Oct 02 2022
improvement required in modern and technology besis
reviewed on Sep 25 2022
irctc system is very bad trains are not coming in proper time
reviewed on Sep 25 2022
station is good but irctc system is not good
reviewed on Sep 16 2022
stations dhhtthhfgkhggkgrfjhdfkyrruy
reviewed on Sep 16 2022
scruff iggfkvcdqryifddedygduifssijnrureasxbbhujggtuhgreiuhtyhrref
reviewed on Sep 15 2022
surya kanta mallick 233456789
reviewed on Sep 15 2022
surya kanta mallick 123456
reviewed on Sep 15 2022
surya kanta mallick 123456
reviewed on Sep 12 2022
bad not clean very dirty food is also dirty but safety is there
reviewed on Sep 06 2022
Suchitra je by sibdidbf it rg Akanksha Akanksha 1 we
Find out the list of trains that arrive at Sompeta railway station. Get information for all trains passing through Sompeta - Arrival, Departure, Train Number, Stops, Stoppage time, Platform Number, and Timings. Some of the trains that arrive at Sompeta railway station are 78422 PSA BALU PASSENGER, 18411 BHUBANESWAR - VISAKHAPATNAM SF INTERCITY EXPRESS, 18412 VISAKHAPATNAM - BHUBANESWAR INTERCITY EXPRESS and 78501 CTC BALU DEMU. When you click on a train name or number, you get the complete schedule of that train. you can also check the live train running status of all the trains arriving or departing from Sompeta railway station. Search for trains to other train stations Use the complete train list for Sompeta to find seat availability on different trains. Use our cutting-edge PNR Status Prediction feature to know about your chances of confirmation of a waitlisted train ticket.