Bsb Asn Passenger
Runs on: SMTWTFS
Varanasi Jn
16hr 5min
82 Stops
Asansol Jn

Fare of 63554 - Bsb Asn Passenger


Bsb Asn Passenger Schedule

The Bsb Asn Passenger - 63554 runs from BSB (Varanasi Jn) to ASN (Asansol Jn). Bsb Asn Passenger runs on of 7 days week. The Bsb Asn Passenger train departs from Varanasi Jn at 04:15 hrs and arrives at Asansol Jn at 08:20 hrs. The total running duration of 63554 train is16hr 5min, stopping at 83 stations during the journey. With ixigo, know more about the Bsb Asn Passenger - 63554 schedule, seat availability, route map, timetable, PNR status, and fare.
Stn CodeStn NameArrivesDepartsStop timeDistancePlatformRouteDayAvg delay
BSBVaranasi Jnstarts04:15-0311No delay
KEIKashi04:2604:282min5 km-1113min
VYNVyasnagar04:4104:421min11 km-1126min
BHBVBlock Hut B05:0205:031min15 km-1120min
DDUPt Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Junction05:2005:3010min18 km-1119min
GAQGanjkhawaja05:4105:421min27 km-1131min
CDMRChandauli Mjhwr05:5005:511min36 km-1141min
SYJSaidraja05:5906:001min44 km-1150min
KMSKaramnasa06:0806:091min52 km-1154min
DCXDhanichha06:1706:181min58 km-111hr 3min
DGODurgauti06:2606:271min64 km-111hr 5min
BBUBhabua Road06:3606:371min73 km-111hr 15min
MTGEMuthani06:4406:451min78 km-111hr 22min
PSEPusauli06:5406:551min86 km-111hr 23min
KTQKudra07:1307:141min95 km-111hr 29min
KVDKhurmabad Road07:2107:221min101 km-111hr 30min
SSGShiusagarroad07:3007:311min107 km-111hr 16min
KMGEKumahu07:4007:411min112 km-111hr 16min
SSMSasaram07:4807:491min120 km3111hr 24min
KWDKarwandia07:5707:581min128 km-111hr 25min
PHEPahalejahalt08:0308:041min134 km-111hr 25min
DOSDehri On Sone08:1108:132min138 km-111hr 27min
SEBSon Nagar08:1908:201min144 km2111hr 33min
CPBHChiraila08:2708:281min150 km2111hr 37min
AUBRAnugraha N Road08:3508:361min155 km3111hr 39min
PESPhesar08:5008:511min164 km2112hr
BHKHBaghoi Kusa08:5808:591min168 km-112hr 9min
JHNJakhim09:0709:081min175 km-112hr 9min
DORDDeo Road09:1409:151min179 km-112hr 13min
RFJRafiganj09:2309:241min186 km-112hr 13min
IMGEIsmailpur09:3309:341min195 km-112hr 22min
GRRUGuraru10:0510:061min202 km2112hr 22min
PRYParaiya10:2410:251min208 km-112hr 23min
KSTAKastha10:4710:481min215 km-112hr 6min
GAYAGaya Jn11:4211:5210min223 km2111hr 12min
MPOManpurjn12:1312:152min228 km-111hr 12min
BNFBandhua12:2212:242min236 km-111hr 37min
TKNTankuppa12:3412:362min243 km-111hr 29min
BNSLBansinala Halt12:4312:441min249 km-111hr 29min
PRPPaharpur12:5312:541min256 km2111hr 28min
GAPGurpa13:0513:061min268 km-111hr 28min
YGMYadugram Block Hut13:1313:141min271 km-111hr 36min
BSCPBaskatwa B. H.13:2113:221min275 km-111hr 35min
NGYNath Ganj13:2713:281min277 km-111hr 35min
DLWDilwa13:3613:382min283 km-111hr 35min
LBZLalbag Block Hut13:4713:481min288 km-111hr 32min
GJDGujhandi13:5514:005min290 km-111hr 31min
KQRKoderma14:1014:155min300 km3111hr 31min
LRBLarabad14:1914:201min304 km-111hr 32min
HREHirodih14:2514:261min309 km-111hr 33min
SMNDSarmatanr14:3514:361min317 km-111hr 35min
YDDYadudih14:4314:441min320 km-111hr 35min
PSBParsabad14:5114:521min326 km-111hr 34min
DSMEDasara15:0015:022min332 km-111hr 34min
CBHChaube15:1515:161min337 km-111hr 28min
KSHRKeshwari15:2715:281min342 km-111hr 26min
HZDHazaribagh Rd15:3615:415min348 km-111hr 24min
GRBHGarea Bihar15:4515:461min353 km-111hr 22min
CCKChichaki15:5115:521min358 km-111hr 22min
KRMBKarmabad15:5815:591min362 km-111hr 23min
CDBChaudhribandh16:1516:161min366 km-111hr 14min
CEMEChegro16:2016:222min371 km-111hr 14min
PNMEParasnath16:5016:555min375 km-1155min
NMGNimiaghat17:1917:201min383 km-1138min
BLMEBholldih17:2617:271min388 km-1139min
GMOGomoh Jn17:4517:5510min393 km21130min
MRQMatari18:0718:081min403 km-1135min
NPJENichitpur18:1418:162min408 km11136min
TETTetumari18:2218:242min414 km-1135min
BHNBhuli18:3118:321min419 km-1133min
DHNDhanbad Jn18:5018:555min423 km11126min
DOKMDokra Halt19:0519:061min427 km-1126min
PKAPradhankhunta19:1419:151min432 km-1121min
CAMChhota Ambana19:2419:251min438 km-1156min
KAOKalubathan19:3219:331min447 km-1125min
TNWThaparnagar19:3719:381min451 km-1126min
MMUMugma19:4319:441min457 km-1126min
KMMEKumardubi19:4819:491min461 km-1128min
BRRBarakar19:5119:521min464 km-1130min
ULTKulti19:5519:561min467 km-1131min
STNSitarampur20:0120:021min472 km21139min
BCQBarachak20:0720:081min476 km31150min
ASNAsansol Jn20:20ends-481 km21148min

Bsb Asn Passenger - 63554 Running Status

Apart from the above mentioned information, check Bsb Asn Passenger - 63554 live running status on every station.
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Bsb Asn Passenger - 63554

The Bsb Asn Passenger - 63554 train runs from BSB (Varanasi Jn) to ASN (Asansol Jn) 7 days of week. It is a popular Varanasi Jn to Asansol Jn train and covers a distance of about481 km. You can check Bsb Asn Passenger - 63554 seat availability, positioning of your coach at the platform, stoppage time at a particular station, and the 63554 route map. You can also check how to reach Varanasi Jn to Asansol Jn through different modes of transportation in the best possible way.

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very bad conditions...all around in the train u found dust....
it is very good and better for another
Nice app in all train wright times
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