Shalimar railway station

Shalimar railway station

all trains stopping at this railway station

Overall rating: 2.7/5.0 - from total 30 reviews - see latest 10 reviews
Cleanliness: 1.9/5.0
Food: 1.5/5.0
Safety: 1.7/5.0
list of trains
train no. train name from to arrives departs stop time
08897 G Shm Special Gondia Jn Shalimar 07:20 ends 0
38371 Shm Mca Passenger Shalimar Mecheda starts 19:05 0
00849 Shm Sc Special Shalimar Secunderabad Jn starts 12:10 0
00850 Sc Shm Special Secunderabad Jn Shalimar 03:00 ends 0
00837 Shm Puri Ac Special Shalimar Puri starts 23:55 0
00838 Puri Shm Ac Special Puri Shalimar 09:05 ends 0
16324 Shalimar - Thiruvananthapuram Central SF Express (PT) Shalimar Trivandrum Cntl starts 23:05 0
16323 Thiruvananthapuram - Central Shalimar SF Express Trivandrum Cntl Shalimar 13:50 ends 0
08801 Shalimar - Puri Rath Yatra Special (UnReserved) Shalimar Puri starts 23:55 0
08021 Shalimar - Gorakhpur Special Fare Special Shalimar Gorakhpur Jn starts 23:05 0
08022 Gorakhpur - Shalimar Chhath Pooja Special Gorakhpur Jn Shalimar 06:50 ends 0
08262 Jaipur - Shalimar Special Jaipur Simraha 23:20 ends 0
22862 Rajya Rani Express Bankura Shalimar 17:05 ends 0
38036 Mca- Shm Passenger Santragachi Jn Shalimar 18:30 ends 0
38033 Shm Src Passenger Shalimar Santragachi Jn starts 17:15 0
08061 Shalimar - Jaipur AC Special Fare Shalimar Jaipur starts 20:20 0
08062 Jaipur - Shalimar AC Special Jaipur Shalimar 23:20 ends 0
08014 Mdn-Kgp Passenger Midnapore Kharagpur Jn 09:00 ends 0
08005 Shalimar Puri AC Special Shalimar Puri starts 23:55 0
08094 Bhanjpur Shalimar Special Bhanjpur Shalimar 12:20 ends 0
08008 Puri Santragachi Holi Special Puri Santragachi Jn 09:00 ends 0
22213 Shm Pnbe Duronto Shalimar Patna Jn starts 22:05 0
08093 Shalimar Vzr Special Shalimar Bhanjpur starts 17:35 0
22861 Rajya Rani Express Shalimar Bankura starts 06:30 0
12885 Aranyak Express Shalimar Bhojudih Jn starts 07:45 0
15021 Shm Gkp Express Shalimar Gorakhpur Jn starts 20:20 0
22835 Shm Puri Sf Express Shalimar Puri starts 20:55 0
12660 Gurudev Express Shalimar Nagercoil Jn starts 23:05 0
12773 Shm Sc Ac Express Shalimar Secunderabad Jn starts 16:05 0
22642 Shm Tvc Express Shalimar Trivandrum Cntl starts 23:05 0
22853 Shm Vskp Sf Express Shalimar Visakhapatnam starts 18:15 0
22836 Puri Shm Sf Express Puri Shalimar 07:10 ends 0
22826 MAS SHM EXP Chennai Central Shalimar 21:30 ends 0
22825 Shm Mas Sf Express Shalimar Chennai Central starts 12:10 0
18029 Ltt Shalimar Express Lokmanyatilak T Shalimar 12:20 ends 0
19659 Shm Udz Express Shalimar Udaipur City starts 20:20 0
18007 Shm Bpo Simlipal Expresss Shalimar Bhanjpur starts 17:35 0
22849 Shm Sc Weekly Express Shalimar Secunderabad Jn starts 12:10 0
22214 Duronto Express Patna Jn Shalimar 05:40 ends 0
22850 Sc Shm Weekly Express Secunderabad Jn Shalimar 09:05 ends 0
02642 Shalimar - Thiruvananthapuram Special Fare Special (Via Nagercoil) Shalimar Trivandrum Cntl starts 23:05 0
12886 Aranyak Express Bhojudih Jn Shalimar 19:00 ends 0
22854 Vskp Shm Sf Express Visakhapatnam Shalimar 09:05 ends 0
22641 Tvc Shm Express Trivandrum Cntl Shalimar 13:50 ends 0
12659 Gurudev Express Nagercoil Jn Shalimar 13:50 ends 0
12774 Sc Shm Ac Express Secunderabad Jn Shalimar 09:05 ends 0
15022 Gkp Shm Express Gorakhpur Jn Shalimar 10:00 ends 0
22829 Shm Bhuj Sf Exp Shalimar Bhuj 10:00 ends 0
18008 Bpo Shm Express Bhanjpur Shalimar 12:35 ends 0
19660 Udz Shm Express Udaipur City Shalimar 10:00 ends 0
18030 Shm Ltt Express Shalimar Lokmanyatilak T starts 15:00 0
22830 SHM BHUJ SF EX Shalimar Bhuj starts 20:20 0

Rating and reviews of Shalimar

reviewed on Sep 10 2018
টেক্সি পাওয়া যায় এবং পরিষেবা ভাল
reviewed on Sep 10 2018
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reviewed on Sep 08 2018
good facelaty good services
reviewed on Sep 07 2018
reviewed on Sep 07 2018
reviewed on Aug 10 2018
reviewed on Aug 09 2018
P8 don't fuddy-duddykf ye hf
reviewed on Jul 16 2018
long time hault...20 mins was enough
reviewed on Jul 10 2018
reviewed on Jun 23 2018
India is a very happy but full lande
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